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The programme includes occasional talks, coffee mornings, luncheons, receptions, concerts and other cross-cultural activities such as the Friendship/Cultural visits, all of which are designed to promote friendship and understanding between women of member countries or who are members of likeminded organisations. These events are held in a variety of interesting locations, from private homes, restaurants and clubs, to Embassies and High Commissions and funds raised go, primarily, to the Council’s support of Training Programmes (see Courses page).

Where the venue is not restrictive on numbers, events are opened more widely.

Recently The Women’s Council has joined six other organisations with ties to the Commonwealth in sharing a limited number of events. For example, in 2016 we visited The Middle Temple. Since then we’ve enjoyed a river trip to Greenwich, including a visit to The Queens House as well as a day, this year, in the City of London, visiting Guildhall, Pewterers’Hall and St Lawrence Jewry.

Please contact: Mrs Gerda Pope at for more information.

Some Recent Events

Coffee By The Riverside

14th November 2018

Our hostess, who had attended the River Room Luncheon, welcomed us very warmly to her flat which overlooks the Thames, affording a wonderful view up the river. Her hospitality was…

Visit To Stationers’ Hall

30th October 2018

This was a tour of The Stationers’ Company, The City of London Livery Company for the Communication and Content Industries. We had an excellent guide who talked about the magnificent…

Luncheon In The River Room

11th October 2018

This year the regular meeting between Patrons and Committee Members took the form of a light lunch in the River Room at the Houses of Parliament.  This was an opportunity…

The London Charterhouse

4th July 2018

A visit in July to Charterhouse was much enjoyed. With its fascinating history going back to the 14th Century there was much to see and, of course, we had a…

2018 Annual Garden Party at the ROSL

20th June 2018

Our Summer Afternoon Tea was held in the garden of the Royal Over-Seas League. We all relaxed in the sun and enjoyed a delicious tea while talking to old friends…

2018 AGM

1st May 2018

Our Annual General Meeting was once again held in the library of the University Women’s Club. The Chairman and Treasurer presented their Reports for 2017 and our new Treasurer was…